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Reliability Engineer E&I

Productie & Techniek


Start: Asap
Duration: Until March 2018 (with option to extend the contract)
Location: South Limburg
Hours: 32 - 40 hours

The reliability engineer is the contact person from maintenance to production installing continues learning and herewith sharpening the maintenance goal; higher reliability of the installation and lower maintenance costs. He is the performance engine behind the continues learning loop and initiates next to technical activities especially work process related activities in this context.

- Analyse cost drivers & technical performance killers:
Setting up and maintaining an overview of the technical performance of his dedicated area. Next analysing the maintenance spent and localise the top 10 equipment costs. Initiating from these overviews actions to improve reliability of the equipment and simultaneously reducing costs at the long run.
- Material responsible:
To optimise the amount of working capital, the material should be ranked according criticality and hereafter decisions about stock/non-stock have to be made. Implementation of this process and deciding which material has to be in stock or not is the task at hand. Furthermore, when material is outdated being the counterpart for purchasing requiring new materials which replaces the outdated.
- Executing and leading RCA’s:
When serious safety or economic incidents occur, the root causes have to be retrieved to initiate the learning cycle. Preventing these incidents from reoccurring in the future. Setting up and retrieving these root causes and lessons with a multidisciplinary team of specialists is the activity to be performed.
- Responsible for initiating and gatekeeping of small changes (M5):
Being the contact person for technical issues in a dedicated area, means leading and gatekeeping the process of all small changes being initiated from all over the site targeting this area. Putting the process in place where only adding value activities are executed via maintenance or capex and informing the stakeholders of its progress. Responsible for the spare parts and documentation being linked in the right management systems SAP and Meridian. Reviewing preventive/predictive plans or making new one’s after the M5 changes have been executed. Evaluating all M5 changes and lessons learned are implemented.
- Managing large contracts:
Related to the area of responsibility, existing or new large contracts with outside contractors have to be managed. Controlling the costs and assuring the quality of work being done is crucial to ensure a win-win relationship.
- Responsible for optimal preventive and predictive maintenance:
From several analyses, upfront (criticality/FMEA) or afterwards (RCA) the optimal way of maintain the equipment has to be retrieved and implemented. In several cases preventive or predictive plans have to be created and implemented in the maintenance information system (SAP-PM), together with the technical manuals prescribing how to actually do this in practise (TOS/SOP).
- The maintenance representative within CAPEX projects:
When capex projects are initiated in the area of responsibility automatically the reliability engineer is involved and takes up the role of maintenance representative in this project. He ensures that all the maintenance issues are covered upfront in the project; reachability when maintenance has to be performed, spare parts, preventive/predictive plans, manuals, etc. Is responsible for making sure that all open standing points from these projects are carried out and implemented in the right management systems.

- Bachelor degree;
- Good communication skills;
- Knowledge of different automation systemts (bus structures);
- A minimum of 10 years experience in a manufacturing environment is required;
- Specific knowhow of Siemens S5/7, PCS7, PIMS and SAP is required;
- A drive of continuous improvement and engaging all levels in an organisation.

The reliability engineer reports directly to the Supervisor Reliability and Maintenance Engineers and informs him of the technical performance and together with him initiates the right measures to increase reliability and reduce costs.